Facilities Management

Often overlooked in the effort to improve the efficiency and enforcement of a car park is the need to create an ongoing management plan and budget for the upkeep and maintenance of the facility itself. By creating an attractive and well-maintained environment can go a long way in creating customer loyalty.

MET Parking Maintenance

Car park users are attracted to well-maintained facilities. The maintenance of road surfaces, lighting, signage, litter bins, traffic and parking lines... (more)

MET Parking Cleaning

It is important for an effective cleaning service to maintain a high standard with frequent site monitoring. Minor cleaning tasks can be... (more)

MET Parking Landscaping

Maintenance can make the most of the limited space available and create a dramatic improvement in the ambience... (more)

MET Parking Line Marking
Line Marking

A thoughtfully designed car park layout can maximize both vehicle capacity and revenue. It can also safely direct vehicle and pedestrian flow... (more)

MET Parking Signage

Without the proper signage, a car park can quickly become unmanageable. A good first step in maintaining a measure of control is the prominent display of... (more)

MET Parking Security Patrols
Security Patrols and Gate Operation

Security Management and Parking Management often go hand-in-hand in creating a smooth-running and safe parking operation... (more)

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