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Our wide experience in the parking industry has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of services for car parks throughout the UK. This portfolio of parking solutions can be individually tailored to a client’s requirements.

Parking Management systems are installed for monitoring Maximum Stay parking, dispensing parking tickets or vouchers and accepting payment. Payment confirmation can be a Pay and Display or Pay on Foot system that makes use of automated ticketing and credit/debit card verification and payment machines. Alternatively, Pay on Entry and Pay on Exit systems make use of on-site attendants to issue tickets and accept payment. The latest Pay by Phone system allows a motorist to reserve a parking space over a mobile phone, which communicates directly with a central computer to register their payment and communicate the details to a mobile patrol officer.

Parking Enforcement systems, on the other hand, are often used in conjunction with parking management systems, but they are strictly intended to deter unauthorized parking. For example, an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) might be used at a Pay and Display car park to help a Mobile Parking Attendant keep track of customers who overstay their time limit. Alternatively, an ANPR system can be used alone, automatically identifying an offending vehicle so that a Parking Charge Notice can be posted from our head office.

Facilities Management services are often overlooked in the effort to make a car park more efficient and productive, but the customer is the first to notice when the ambience of a facility suffers from irregular cleaning and inattention to such things as lighting, signage and landscaping.

MET Parking Services are experts at integrating these three important aspects of a successful parking facility.

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