Abandoned Vehicles

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

The responsibility for removing vehicles abandoned in a private car park or roadway lies with the landowner. Because of the difficulty in clearly establishing that a vehicle has been abandoned, MET Parking Services
must answer the following questions:

  • Is the vehicle taxed?
  • Is there a registered owner?
  • Has the vehicle been stationary for a significant period of time?
  • Is the vehicle roadworthy?
  • Is the number plate missing?

If a vehicle is untaxed, but does not fit any of the other criteria, then we cannot immediately consider
the vehicle to be abandoned.

MET Parking Services first investigates the vehicle through our direct link to the DVLA, and then we
send a member of our management team to make a final determination.

If we establish that the vehicle is not abandoned, then we follow our normal enforcement procedures,
which may include wheel clamping.

If we establish that the vehicle is abandoned, then we will attach a removal notice to the vehicle
informing the owner of our intention to have it removed and destroyed after a set waiting period. If we
do not hear from the owner within that time, the vehicle will be removed after the waiting period has

Note: If your vehicle has been issued with a removal notice, you must contact MET Parking Services
immediately by phone on 0845 370 8004 or by email at hr@metparking.com.

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