Whilst in broad terms Section 54 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (“PoFA”) made it a criminal offence to clamp or remove vehicles from private land in England and Wale, there are exemptions to this such as where the person is acting with lawful authority, for example the local authority removing abandoned vehicles.


Another area where it is still legal to clamp or remove vehicles is if the land is not considered private land under PoFA and there are statutory rights to enforce parking control in this manner. An example of this is a station car park governed by the Railway Byelaws. In these situations the enforcement of traffic controls can include measures such as clamping and towing away vehicles.


If you believe that clamping or removing vehicles may be an appropriate measure for controlling the parking on your land and want to discuss this with our specialist team, please contact us and our consultants will advise on whether these remedies are available to you, explain the processes involved, and help you decide if these measures are appropriate in circumstances where they are legal.

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