Can you provide 24hr enforcement?

Yes, we can provide 24-hour enforcement at all locations.

What is the minimum size of site that you will patrol?

There is no minimum size.

What happens if there is parking abuse between patrols?

Some patrons take advantage of a regular patrol schedule and ignore the parking regulations between patrols. Scheduling a random patrol can minimize this practice. Alternatively, we can dispatch a rapid response patrol with a call to our call centre.

How does a permit system work?

Permit systems can be very simple or designed to handle multiple categories of user. Permits are supplied to authorized users based on an agreed parking policy. We then ensure that spaces remain clear for those who hold permits.

Do you have a Health & Safety policy?

Yes, we are accredited under the Safecontractors program, which recognizes us for our high standards of Health & Safety.

What happens if enforcement measures are used against an authorized vehicle?

The driver will be quickly vindicated through an established appeals procedure, which focuses upon available evidence and determines whether there were valid grounds for enforcement.

Surely when someone receives a ticket they will blame my company?

The Parking Charge Notices clearly indicate that they are issued by MET Parking Services and include our contact details. Parking Charge Notices need not refer to the proprietor of the parking facility and any communication relating to parking enforcement that a client receives is forwarded to our Enforcement Department and quickly handled by our team.

How long does it take for a clamp to be removed from an offender’s vehicle?

Wheel clamps are attached by a locally based field unit, which is required to remove clamps as a first priority once all the charges are paid. MET Parking Services appreciates the importance of minimizing the inconvenience to all concerned, and makes every effort to expedite clamp removal.

What if damage is caused to a vehicle on my property?

MET Parking Services is fully insured to cover our activities within a client’s parking facility, including accidental damage to a vehicle.

Is a Parking Charge Notice legally enforceable?

Yes, as long as the Terms, Conditions and charges are clearly displayed and there is sufficient evidence of an infraction, such as time-stamped photographs of the vehicle.

Can a Parking Charge Notice be paid online?

Yes, parking charge notices can be paid by telephone, by post, or on the internet by visiting the secure payment section of the MET Parking Services web site.

Contact a member of the MET Parking Services team on 0207 118 8003
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