On-Site Parking Attendants

In situations where a regular professional presence is required, our Parking Attendants can remain on-site full-time or for scheduled periods on specified days. On-Site Parking Attendants are suitable for larger facilities or where there is significant potential for parking abuse, such as near train stations or close to a city centre.

Our Attendants are commonly used to oversee Pay & Display, Maximum Stay/No Return, or Permit parking facilities. The main reason is visibility. When drivers are aware that their allotted parking time is being monitored, they are less likely to overstay their limit. Attendants are equipped with digital cameras and handheld computers for documenting cars that have contravened the facility’s Terms and Conditions of Use, and for printing Parking Charge Notices.

On-Site Parking Attendants can perform marshalling duties during peak traffic periods and minor cleaning and maintenance duties during slow periods. They can also monitor Disabled Bays, Parent and Child Bays, and Out-of-Bay and Roadway

Finally, the On-Site Parking Attendant creates a secure and professional presence for customer
health and safety.

Contact a member of the MET Parking Services team on 0207 118 8003

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