Parking Enforcement

Anyone who lives or does business in a congested area knows how difficult it can be to find a place to park. Some drivers are tempted to break the rules by parking in an unauthorized space or overstaying their allotted time. If not kept under control, this behaviour can seriously affect the efficiency of your parking facility.

Whatever your situation, MET Parking Services can help you identify your objectives, set priorities, and offer a variety of cost-effective enforcement solutions.

MET Parking ANPR


This is the latest development in the automation of parking control. By reading the vehicle registration number plate, the ANPR system can record... (more)

MET Parking On Site Parking Attendant

On-Site Parking Attendants

Suitable for larger facilities or where there is significant potential for parking abuse, such as near train stations, close to a city centre or... (more)

MET Parking Mobile Parking Attendant

Mobile Parking Attendants

All our attendants carry the latest wireless equipment that enables them to be monitored by GPS and to print Parking Charge Notices on the spot... (more)

MET Parking Self-Ticketing


Should you want to manage the enforcement process yourself, MET Parking Services offers a training program for you and your staff... (more)

MET Parking Clamping


Clamping should never be the first choice in enforcing car park regulations because it is such an inconvenience to the driver. Nevertheless... (more)

MET Parking Clamping

Tow Away

Vehicles will only be towed away if they appear to be abandoned, are blocking an access point or a Fire Exit, or are otherwise a hazard to the public... (more)

MET Parking Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

If we determine that the vehicle is abandoned, we will attach a notice to the vehicle informing the owner of our intention to have it removed... (more)

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