Parking Management

Managing a car park, whether a small, surface level car park or an enclosed multi-level facility, has its unique challenges. Each industry sector, whether a retail park or establishment, a cinema, a sports stadium, or a hospital, has specific objectives based on its size, location, and clientele.

Whatever your situation, MET Parking Services can help you identify your objectives, set priorities, and offer a variety of cost-effective management solutions.

MET Parking Maximum Stay

Maximum Stay

A customer or residential visitor is allowed to park for a specified period of time, after which, they must leave the car park to make room for - (more)

MET Parking Permits

Permits/Contract Parking/Season Tickets

A Permit system is a versatile parking management system that can be used in almost any situation - (more)

MET Parking Pay and Display

Pay & Display

The driver pays for a ticket at a payment machine, then displays the ticket on the windscreen. This system can be augmented with ANPR - (more)

MET Parking Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone

The customer can pay for parking over the phone using their credit or debit card. The service is fully automated and the motorist has the choice. . . (more)

MET Parking Pay on Foot

Pay on Foot

This system requires the driver to pay at a machine before returning to their vehicle. It allows them complete flexibility in how long they stay - (more)

MET Parking Pay on Entry

Pay on Entry

These car parks usually have a fixed rate for users and are easy to set up on a temporary basis. They are often used for concerts and sports events - (more)

MET Parking Pay at Exit

Pay at Exit

This is a time-tested payment method allowing drivers to park for an indefinite period of time and pay an attendant from the vehicle upon leaving - (more)

MET Parking Marshalling


During peak traffic periods, marshalling can help your customers safely and quickly navigate around your car park, improving efficiency - (more)

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