Pay on Entry

Pay on Entry car parks usually have a fixed rate for users and are easy to set up on a temporary basis. For this reason, they are often used for concerts and sports events. They can also be set up for a variety of short term car parks such as a building site, with the intention of generating revenue for the owners while they await planning approval. Installation and running costs are relatively low, and the system can easily accommodate all payment methods: cash, credit or debit cards, permits, vouchers or season tickets.

Advantages of a Pay on Entry system:

  • Minimal resources required
  • Security presence with On-Site Attendant
  • Convenient payment for customers
  • Easy set-up for temporary venues

MET Parking Services has years of experience in setting up and managing such sites on a
short-term basis.

Contact a member of the MET Parking Services team on 0207 118 8003

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