Permits/Contract Parking/Season Tickets

A Permit system is a versatile parking management system that can be used in almost any situation. Its primary purpose is to control certain parking areas by limiting access to permit holders. A Permit system can be used, for example, by employees at a company car park, by doctors at a hospital, by students at a university, or by residents in a residential area. It is a familiar and straightforward method of parking control that is convenient for both the permit holder and the company or institution that owns the car park.

A Parking Permit can come in several different forms. It can be a sticker that is placed on the windscreen, an ID card placed on the dashboard, or a carbon copy booklet. These types of permit must be read by an On-Site Attendant. A Permit can also be a magnetic card or a card with an embedded Radio Frequency (RF) chip that can be read by an electronic card reader.

A “virtual permit” system can be implemented by using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
technology. In this case, no physical permit is necessary. The ANPR camera recognises the vehicle
number plate and automatically raises the barrier to allow authorised vehicles to enter the car park.

A Contract or Season Ticket parking system operates exactly like a standard Permit system, except
these Permits are purchased for a specific time period: by the week, by the month, quarterly, or

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