Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR is the latest development in the automation of parking control. By reading the vehicle registration number plate, the ANPR system can record the entry and exit times of parked vehicles. This information is used to identify those vehicles which have stayed beyond their allotted time, and a Parking Charge Notice can be issued.

The ANPR system is particularly effective because it provides a photographic record as visual evidence for the driver. Should the Parking Charge Notice be appealed, the time-stamped images from the ANPR system offer credible evidence for challenging the appeal.

The ANPR system is reliable, does not require patrol staff to be present, and can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because Parking Charge Notices are sent by post rather than placed on the vehicle, this system also tends to be less confrontational.

ANPR is often used in combination with a Maximum Stay or Pay and Display parking management
system to streamline enforcement and reduce personnel costs.

As ANPR is a computer-based system, it can automatically manage an “Authorised User List” of
vehicle registration numbers for staff members or other pre-authorised users of the parking facility.

Because MET Parking Services operates its own ANPR System in-house, all the data collected
remains secure. All photographic records and correspondence remain on the secure MET servers
and are not shared with any third party. We have full control of the software, installation, processing,
auditing and reporting mechanisms.

MET Parking Services has considerable experience in the installation and operation of the latest
ANPR technology, both as a parking management tool and as an enforcement tool to deter
unauthorized parking.

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